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    No one can deny the amount of love that is invested in the process of buying and setting your favorite upholstery and furniture. But sooner or later, the shine starts to fade away. Whether it be pets, kids, guests, friends, or yourself, there is no saving your upholstery from a tough workout. But it is not the real concern. We are actually interested in the fact that the dust that goes into it carries germs, allergens, stains, and blemishes that can cause problems. That is when you begin to think about cleaning solutions.

    How Does EcoPro Do It?

    1. EcoPro Cleaning team offers safe, quick, and effective methods to remove stubborn stains and deep-down dirt while ensuring the safety of the sofa fabric in the process.
    2. One way of doing it is the use of low moisture shampoo, which is highly preferred on the conventional sofa cleaning techniques as it accelerates the time for drying by a great amount, and hence there are no extended hours of waiting.
    3. Also, this technique is useful because it prevents fabric sofa from shrinking after the cleaning treatment. The growth of microorganisms also reduces as they thrive in humid and warm conditions.
    4. The process is accompanied by a powerful suction that removes almost all of the moisture in quick time.
    5. The part in it where surface dust and deep-down dust is removed from the sofa is called Vacuuming. Powerful vacuum cleaners are equipped for this step.
    6. Furthermore, the EcoPro cleaning team injects special sofa cleaning agents into your sofa for deodorization and sanitization. To ensure the cleaning agents reach in-depth, soft brushes are used to rub them deeper and maintain the sofa’s texture.
    7. It is only when all the cleaning agents have been extracted out, and dirt has been taken care of, your brand-new sofa set is ready.

    Why EcoPro Upholstery Cleaning Service?

    EcoPro aims to revive, deeply clean, and renew your favorite upholstery. At EcoPro, we ensure that all the cleaning agents used in the processes are green-certified so that there is no harm to kids and pets. Also, we make sure that the furniture is not just deep cleaned but also healthier cleaned. We aim to provide you the most effective and budget-friendly cleaning solutions.