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    Hardwood floors are one of the most prominent choices homeowners choose for their smooth surface, durability, and long-lasting beauty. Apart from what else do you put in the decoration of your home, this type of flooring is always a major investment. But over time, the hardwood floors start to lose their charm. Dirt, grime, and other particles get stuck on the floor causing bacteria and allergens to enter into the grain of the wood. This risks the overall well-being and household health of your family. What you can do here to help this situation is to call EcoPro to schedule time for hardwood floor cleaning.

    How Does EcoPro Do It?


    The first step involves a thorough inspection that our highly-trained technicians perform in order to identify the problematic areas and to list down blemishes and deep scratches.

    2.No Repairing

    It is to be kept in the knowledge that EcoPro only aims to revive the life of a hardwood floor through its cleaning services, and we do not perform any sort of repairing of deep scratches, grooves, tints, or stains in the floor.

    3.Coating Removal

    It is necessary to remove all types of coatings (acrylic, polish, etc.) from the floor in order to perform the cleaning process. Thus, any floor coating, if identified, will be gently removed using wood floor polish remover.

    4.Deep Cleaning

    The next step is cleaning the wood floor using our specially formulated, green-certified cleaner, which will remove all the dirt, debris, and any contaminants from the surface and grain of the wood. The result is a glittering clean, and streak-free floor.


    Moreover, if the owner wishes, a sanitizer can be added to the deep cleaning process to remove unwanted bacteria and germs. The aim is to ensure that your home is clean and hygienic.

    6.Wood Floor Polish

    The final step is to apply Wood Floor Polish that will enhance the beauty of the floor and wood grain.  This Polish also adds an additional protective layer to the surface until the next cleaning is needed. Your brand-new floor is ready.

    Why EcoPro Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service?

    EcoPro is the best choice for availing this service because they have what it takes to be the best cleaning service. Firstly, they use green-certified cleaner, which is safe for people and pets. Secondly, they employ industry-leading equipment with counter-rotating brushes that penetrate the wood’s grain and perform deeper cleaning jobs that remove dirt, grime, & allergens from in the wood grain. Lastly, they use minimal water to protect the wood from damage.