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    One of the most beautiful additions to your home décor is the inclusion of oriental and area rugs. Like aesthetic paintings, figurines, plants, and mirrors, these rugs also contribute to giving your room an overall appeal and completing the theme of your well-furnished room. But there is a problem. Unlike any other room-decor item, area rugs get great contact and receive a fair amount of traffic, which leads to the increment of dirt and dust in them. This can cause health consequences if your rugs get subjected to certain allergens. Rugs protect the look of the room, but who will save these rugs?

    How Does EcoPro Do It?

    Following steps are involved in the EcoPro rug cleaning process:


    EcoPro experts begin the process with primary inspection of the rugs to devise the best ever cleaning experience. The purpose of this inspection is to go through these rugs thoroughly to detail and understand the problems, requirements, and methods to get the desired results.


    Vacuuming is done to expel the dry soil from the rugs. During this step, each and every edge of the carpet is vacuumed properly to get rid of stubborn dust in the carpet. In simple words, one must keep in mind that vacuuming must be done thoroughly.

    3.Pre-Treatment of Spots

    Once the vacuuming is over, pre-treatment of spots and stains begins for their successful elimination. It is very likely that certain spots would be left on the carpet at the end of this step. If these spots are organic (food stains, pet accidents), an organic solution is poured on them and left to settle down in the fabric for working over these stains.


    After the removal of spots and stains, the rug is now to be cleaned. EcoPro uses steam cleaning for this purpose as it saves a lot of water and secondly because excessive water can damage the fabric.


    This is an essential step to remove all the excess water from this cleaning process. On average, a carpet takes 5-8 hours to dry completely, provided that all external factors (weather, fabric type, etc.) remain unchanged.


    By now, the cleaning process has been completed. It is all about artistic and aesthetic touchup now. EcoPro experts know very well how to perform minor to major transformations in order to retain and enhance the colors, texture, and durability of the carpet.